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Call fresh elections in Zanzibar

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Call fresh elections in Zanzibar

Call for fresh elections

Call for fresh elections

ACT Wazalendo is a party that stands firm on democracy and the due process that comes with it, steadfast in ensuring that the voice of the people is heard and adhered too without compromising on the principles of democracy.

What has transpired in Zanzibar has left us both in awe and disgust on how certain individuals can manipulate the system to best suite their crude desire for power. Right after the nullification of the elections in Zanzibar, ACT Wazalendo was firm in its stand that democracy was being toyed with and that the Zanzibari peoples wishes were not respected. It is the party’s firm belief that Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad was the chosen president for the people and by the people.

We raised ten (10) points of caution to President Magufuli; as the custodian of democracy in the United Republic of Tanzania for him to take to task, one of them being the current situation in Zanzibar showing all signs of lacking any democratic decorum. This plea unfortunately fell on deaf ears and the outcome of this negligence was the re-run of the Zanzibar election in March, which to date still bids the question of the legality and mannerism of how it was conducted.

ACT Wazalendo continues its fight for a booming democratic environment in Zanzibar that would foster the growth of new age politicians who are not intimidated by sheer police brutality or the power of the state. With this stand, ACT Wazalendo, has continually denounced the legality of the election in Zanzibar and has chosen not to recognise the current government of Zanzibar in its totality for, if there is ever a doubt that ones rights are infringed the party will not stand by those who infringing the rights of another.

Chaos breeds fear and fear has no part in the struggle to attain justice. Dr. Shein recently has been quoted saying “I am not afraid of Maalim Seif, for he does not have no posses tanks or ammunition”. In hindsight he is right, Maalim Seif does not possess the power and might of the state, after the sabotage that took place in October 2016 he is merely a citizen and former 2nd Vice president of Zanzibar. But let us not forget that he also happens to be the leader of a group of people on the Isles, maybe he does not require military might to be feared all he needs to do is get the attention of his followers. Maybe this was the trigger effect that made the army interrogate the politician when he simply wanted to practice his democratic right to be heard.

ACT Wazalendo cannot condone the words said by Dr. Shein, for one they are beneath him and beneath any self respecting citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania, we were liberated; one half by good diplomacy and the other half by force. It would be wise for Dr. Shein to remember the seat that he is clinging on comes with its own history, and it should be a lesson to him no to mock the people by threatening them with military might, after all the Sultan of Oman, not only had his army but also the backing of the then hegemony United Kingdom, this did not stop those who could not stand injustice to stand up against military might. Words such as those uttered by Dr. Shein only work to remind us that Zanzibar is not a step sibling that we can ignore, that such mishap and insensitivity from a seasoned politician leaves the isle vulnerable to many a thing, we do not want to see our brothers and sisters shed blood…again.

As a party, ACT Wazalendo is fully aware of the hardship that faces the Zanzibar people, the political tension translates to a stagnant economy and a demoralised society. We do understand that there is a need for the people to take control of their state but we firmly believe and have not lost hope that the process be ballot and not bullet. One way of ensuring that the Zanzibari people walk away the winners and not just the politician, is for those who want to serve the people to lower themselves and consider their people first and not self gratification.

If we may, let us restart the clock again for Zanzibar, go to the ballot and ensure that the peoples wishes are respected no matter what the outcome maybe. Some may argue that how can we restart the clock? That at no point in time can a state be without a leader. For this we say, have a transitional government that comprises of members from all political players on the isles, let that government involve people who are respected by all fractions of Zanzibaris.

Possibly the greatest thing for the Zanzibari people  to do is to ignore the blatant attack on their integrity and rights by Dr. Shein, for he may have not known better. Let history be a reminder for him and a point to remember for the people on the isles that throughout oppressors have met an unfavourable outcomes, we do not wish to see the same for Zanzibar no do we wish for their good name to be tarnished.

Zitto Kabwe, MP

Party Leader, ACT Wazalendo

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June 14, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Magufuli a transformative or a perfectionist of status quo? @TheCitizenTZ @ACTWazalendo @ZittoKabwe

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Magufuli a transformative or a perfectionist of status quo?

Magufuli a transformative or a perfectionist of status quo?

By Zitto Kabwe, MP

General election of 2015 was one of the toughest in Tanzanian history. John Magufuli, a candidate of the ruling party won the election with the lowest proportionate of votes than any other since introduction of multiparty elections in 1995. With 58% of votes, he assumed power and quickly established himself as the landslide victor. President Magufuli started to take actions that sent clear message that his was not a business as usual administration.

For the people who have been advocating for a clean government by fighting corruption especially large scale ones, Magufuli was a welcome leader. Many of us celebrated his actions popularly known as ‘ kutumbua majipu’ and as of the date of writing this article more than 150 people have been sacked from their positions of power. Most notable sackings were at port authority and revenues authority. Achivements received in his first month was massive increase of government monthly revenues collections.

The President delivered his maiden speech in parliament that insisted largely on his anti corruption platform and his aim of cutting down unnecessary government expenditures, boosting revenues and industrialization of the economy. He became a talk of the region and sometimes globally. The Economist magazine dedicated an article for him vis a vis a rise of social media in politics ( though everybody knows that he himself is not a tech savy person ).

Has 100 days of Magufuli administration defined him of what kind of a leader he is? Can we call him a transformative leader? Is he a reformer? Is he just a perfectionist of the status quo?

Archie Brown in his seminal book The Myth of the Strong Leader, describe a transformational leader as ‘the one who plays a decisive role in introducing a systemic change’ whether of the political or economic system of his or her country. ‘ It suggests profound change, but a fundamental reconstruction of the system into one that is qualitatively better than what has gone before’. It may be very early (just 100 days) to define President Magufuli, however the first 100 days may help us to see what kind of a President Magufuli will become.

Magufuli took office with a promise of Change. His opponents promised change too. The political group that was a leading opponent had a clear message that it wanted to change the system and they often referred to ‘corrupt system’ or corruption is systematic. Has President Magufuli’s actions against corruption bear any semblance of breaking down a corrupt system? He has fired people and try some in the court of law. He even fired an anti corruption czar Dr. Edward Hosea. We have seen people removed and others replaced and installed. Has PCCB and other accountability agencies changed? These are key questions, very fundamental in analyzing President Magufuli.

Our system is characterized by impunity. President Magufuli’s actions have shown that everybody must live in accordance to the law. However he hasn’t done anything to reform the agencies that uphold rule of law and law enforcement. PCCB is still the same. It has no powers to prosecute without permission from the Director of Public Prosecution ( DPP ). In his first 100 days not only has President Magufuli been quite of reforming the institutions, we have seen two parliamentary sessions without any legislation to that effect. Changing heads of these institutions means the President is interested with perfecting the existing system rather than transforming the system that brought him to power.

#WhatWouldMagufuliDo became a trending hashtag in twitter. There exists in people’s spirits someone named Magufuli and like a personality cult is being developed. All his ministers are asking themselves ‘ is this the way in which the people expect Magufuli to act? In this regard we have observed a growth of one man show and two principle leaders of the country The Vice President and the Prime Minsiiter being eclipsed. A personality whose work is supposed to be ‘office work’ in the name of Chief Secretary of the country has turned a celebrity. He is being seen making announcements to sack that and change that and early in this administration the Chief Secretary was seen inspecting hospital beds in Muhimbili. Chief Secretary as the disciplinary authority of the bureaucrats shall never be the prosecutor since the people he announces sacking would end up in his desk for appeals. Slowly the country is heading towards a One Man Show and all others ‘Presidents Men’. It is a worrying trend being observed in his first 100 days and it must be stopped.

The third phase administration under President Mkapa didn’t allow dissent opinion. Records show that for five years President Mkapa and Prime Minister Sumaye didn’t allow reports of the Controller and Auditor General to be debated in Parliament an important step in building accountability in the country. Works of Public Accounts Committees of Parliament were suppressed and Parliament became largely a rubber stamp of the works of the executive. President Kikwete changed that and strengthened the Office fo the National Audit, allowed Parliament to debate CAG reports and even took actions against Ministers whose ministries had poor financial records. Signs are that President Magufuli will not allow this continue. The formations of committees done recently point to that direction. As far as parliamentary accountability is concerned, this will be a backward move against all the achievements recorded thus far.

My judgment of President Magufuli’s first 100 days is that the status quo will continue with some perfections. More revenues will be collected, service delivery in some sectors of the economy ( health and education ) may improve, old corruption will be addressed with vehemence and new ones emerges with treatment of kids gloves but accountability institutions will be hugely undermined. As for Transformational leader, Magufuli is yet to fit the bill.


Zitto Kabwe@zittokabwe is the Party Leader and MP for Kigoma Urban (ACT-Wazalendo)


Vitabu 23 nilivyosoma mwaka 2015(The 23 Books I read in 2015) #letsread

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Vitabu 23 nilivyosoma mwaka 2015

Zitto Kabwe

Nimesoma vitabu 23 tu mwaka huu unaoisha leo.

Mwaka 2015 ulikuwa mwaka wa uchaguzi, nimesoma zaidi kidogo ya nusu ya https://zittokabwe.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/vitabu-nilivyosoma-2014-books-i-have-read-in-2014-booksread2014-letsread/ .

Katika mwaka 2015 niliweza kufanya uchambuzi wa vitabu 4 tu kwani ilipofika mwishoni mwa mwezi Machi, 2015 nilianza kazi mpya kabisa ya kujenga Chama kipya cha Siasa chenye kufuata mrengo wa kushoto – ACT Wazalendo.

Niliweza kuchambua 1. The Establishment, Owen Jones 2. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho 3. The Last Banana, Shelby Tucker na 4. Act of Treason, Vince Flynn. Natumai nitarejesha safu yangu ya Kitabu na Kalamu ya gazeti la #RaiaTanzania kuanzia Januari, 2016.

Baadhi ya vitabu nilivyosoma mwaka huu ni marudio ya vitabu nilivyosoma zamani ili kujikumbusha mambo Fulani Fulani. Mfano hivi sasa najitahidi sana kusoma vitabu nilivyosoma shule ya sekondari katika ‘literature’ ili kuelewa zaidi na kulinganisha na hali ya sasa. Ndio maana mwaka huu nilirudia kitabu cha A Man of the People cha Chinua Achebe mara tu baada ya uchaguzi. Kiukweli huwa narudia rudia sana vitabu vya Achebe kutafuta ulinganisho wa hali ya siasa ya miaka ya sitini na miaka hii ya sasa. Vile vile najaribu kuelewa suala la #Biafra kutoka katika jicho la mwandishi.

Mwaka huu nimejitahidi sana kusoma ‘fiction’ na nimefurahia sana juhudi hizo japo niliuweka kando ushairi na sikuweza kabisa kumaliza The Capital, Thomas Piketty. Kwa kuwa nimedhamiria kujikita tena kwenye taalumu yangu ya Uchumi na kutumia taaluma hiyo kwenye siasa za Bunge, nitamaliza The Capital In’Sha Allah. Ninataraji kufungua mwaka na The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a crisis and its aftermath, Ben S. Bernanke. Kitabu hiki nililetewa kama zawadi na @Ritaupara, mmoja wa rafiki zangu wanaopenda kusoma vitabu pia. Kitabu changu bora cha mwaka kilikuwa Ujamaa, Ralph Ibbot. Napendekeza kila Mtanzania anayethamini historia ya nchi yetu miaka ya mwanzo ya Uhuru asome kitabu hiki.

Karibu kuona orodha ya Vitabu nilivyosoma mwaka 2015;

  1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  2. Deng Xiaoping: The Man who Made Modern China – Michael Dillon
  3. Ujamaa: The hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages – Ralph Ibbot
  4. Race, Revolution, and the Struggle for Human Rights in Zanzibar: The Memoirs of Ali Sultan Issa and Seif Sharif Hamad – G. Thomas Burgess
  5. Home and Exile – Chinua Achebe
  6. My Watch – Olesegun Obasanjo
  7. How Much Land Does A Man Need? – Leo Tolstoy
  8. Facing Mount Kenya – Jomo Kenyatta
  9. The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
  10. Chinua Achebe: Tributes and Reflections – Ed. Nana Ayebia Clarke & James Currey
  11. A Man of The People – Chinua Achebe
  12. Believer: My 40 Years in Politics – David Axelrod
  13. Politics – David Runciman
  14. The Man from Beijing – Henning Mankell
  15. The Establishment – Owen Jones
  16. 50 Years of Development Partnership – The World Bank
  17. Adultery – Paulo Coelho
  18. The Zahir – Paulo Coelho
  19. Growing Up With Tanzania – Karim Hirji
  20. The Governance of China – Xi Jinping
  21. The Last Banana – Shelby Tucker
  22. Act of Treason – Vince Flynn
  23. In the Footsteps of the Prophet – Tariq Ramadhan



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December 31, 2015 at 5:09 PM

Baadhi ya kazi za Zitto Bungeni

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Baadhi ya kazi za Zitto Bungeni

Kwa uzito na mahala unapofanyika mkutano huu, naomba niwaletee kwa muhtasari kabisa baadhi ya kazi ambazo Ndugu Zitto Kabwe amezifanya katika kusukuma mbele guruduma la maendeleo katika nchi yetu.


Zitto alichaguliwa kwa mara ya kwanza kuwa mbunge mwaka 2005 akiwakilisha Jimbo la Kigoma Kaskazini ambalo halina mgodi hata mmoja wa madini ukiachana na wachimbaji wadogo wa udongo wa Pemba ambao una soko kubwa hapa Kariakoo jijini Dar es Salaam. Hata hivyo ajenda inayomtambulisha Zitto Kabwe kwa Taifa ni ajenda ya mabadiliko makubwa aliyoanzisha katika sekta ya Madini nyakati ambayo hakuna mwanasiasa aliyethubutu kukosoa sera za uwekezaji kwa namna aliyofanya. Baada ya kudokezwa kuwa aliyekuwa Waziri wa Nishati na Madini Bwana Nazir Karamagi amesaini mkataba mpya wa Madini akiwa hotelini nchini Uingereza, Zitto alimtaka Waziri kujieleza ndani ya Bunge kuhusu mkataba huo na masharti yake ya kikodi. Waziri huyo aliposhindwa Zitto aliwasilisha Hoja Binafsi Bungeni (akiwa mbunge wa kwanza kufanya hivyo katika Bunge la Tisa na la Nane kwa pamoja). Hoja ya Buzwagi ilisababisha Zitto kusimamishwa ubunge kwa miezi 4. Hata hivyo mnamo Septemba 10, 2007 alitangaza Azimio la Songea lililomshinikiza Rais Jakaya Kikwete kuunda Kamati ya Bomani ili kupitia mikataba yote ya Madini nchini.

Kutokana na kazi yake hiyo leo Tanzania ina Sera mpya ya Madini na Sheria mpya ya Madini ambayo imeboresha nafasi ya Tanzania kufaidika na Madini, imeruhusu kisheria Serikali kuwa na hisa kwenye migodi ( na hivi tunavyoongea, kwa mfano, sasa Serikali inamiliki 50% ya Mgodi wa TanzaniteOne). Makampuni ya Madini ambayo yalikuwa yanatangaza hasara kila mwaka leo yanalipa kodi ya Mapato na Halmashauri zenye migodi zinalipwa ushuru wa huduma wa mabilioni ya fedha. Huyu ndiyo Kiongozi wetu wa ACT Wazalendo. Hawa ndio Viongozi Taifa hili linawataka. Viongozi wanaotenda na kutoa majawabu ya changamoto za nchi. Sio Viongozi wanaolaumu tu eti wakisubiri kushika dola ndio watende. Nani anayebisha rekodi hii?



Zitto Kabwe alikuwa Waziri Kivuli wa Mipango na Uchumi mwaka 2006 wakati Shirika la Bima la Taifa likiwa kwenye mchakato wa Ubinafsishaji. Wafanyakazi wa TUICO Tawi la Bima walimfuata wakielezea kwa ushahidi namna mali za Shirika zilivyopangwa kuuzwa na wajanja wachache kutaka kujiuzia Shirika na Mali zake hasa jengo la kitega uchumi kwa bei ya kutupwa. Zitto aliwakilisha hoja hiyo kwenye Kamati ya Bunge ya Fedha na Uchumi chini ya Mwenyekiti wake Ndugu Abdallah Kigoda na kuishawishi Kamati kukataa ubinafsishaji wa NIC na badala yake kuunda kikosi kazi cha kurekebisha Shirika na liendelee kuwa Mali ya Umma.

Mwezi Novemba Mwaka 2006 Baraza la Mawaziri lilikubaliana na hoja za Zitto alizotoa kwenye Kamati ya Bunge na ndani ya Bunge na kuamua kuliondoa Shirika kwenye mchakato wa ubinafsishaji na leo hii Shirika limebaki kuwa la Umma na limeanza kurudi kwenye hali yake. Aliendelea kulisaidia Shirika la Bima kwa kuagiza (akiwa Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Bunge ya Hesabu za Serikali ) kuwa Taasisi za Serikali na Mashirika ya Umma yaweke Bima kupitia Shirika la Bima la Taifa na agizo hilo kutekelezwa na Mashirika mengi ikiwemo Benki Kuu ya Tanzania.

Sio Bima tu, Zitto akiwa Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Bunge ya Hesabu za Mashirika ya Umma aliagiza kuondolewa katika orodha ya ubinafsishaji Shirika la STAMICO ili liweze kushiriki kikamilifu katika sekta ya Madini na liliondolewa. Huo ndio Ujamaa wa kidemokrasia ambao Chama chetu cha ACT-Wazalendo kinautangaza, na huyo ndio Kiongozi wetu ambaye ana uzalendo wa dhati kwa mali za Watanzania. Nani anayebisha rekodi hii?



Mwaka 2008/2009 Zitto Kabwe aliweka rekodi nyingine ya kuwa Mbunge wa kwanza kuzungumzia mabadiliko ya sheria ya viongozi wa umma ili kuipa meno secretariat ya maadili ya viongozi na kutengenisha biashara na siasa. Alipeleka Bungeni Muswada Binafsi wa Sheria ili kufanya mabadiliko makubwa ya Sheria Maadili. Hata hivyo muswada ule ulizuiwa na Serikali kuingia Bungeni licha ya kukamilisha kila hatua iliyopaswa.

Leo hii Chama chetu kinazungumzia kurejesha Miiko ya Viongozi kuna watu wanadhani Zitto kaanza haya hivi sasa, la hasha. Huu ni mwendelezo wa yale aliyokuwa anaamini miaka kadhaa iliyopita na kwa kuwa yeye anapenda kutembea anayoyasema alitushawishi wenzake kufanya Miiko ya Viongozi kuwa sehemu ya Katiba ya Chama chetu. Yeye ni Kiongozi wa kwanza wa kisiasa kuweka hadharani Mali na Madeni yake hapa nchini. ACT Wazalendo ni chama pekee cha siasa hapa nchini ambacho Viongozi wake wanatakiwa kikatiba kutangaza Mali zao, Madeni yao na Maslahi yao ya kibishara. Nani anabisha rekodi hii?



Katika kuhakikisha kuwa kila senti ya fedha ya umma inakaguliwa na Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Mahesabu ya Serikali, Ndugu Zitto Kabwe aliwasilisha Bungeni mabadiliko ya Sheria ya Vyama vya Siasa, Sheria namba 5 ya Mwaka 1992 na kuwezesha CAG kukagua fedha za vyama ambazo zinatoka Serikalini kama ruzuku. Sheria ya Vyama vya siasa inataka kila Mwaka Serikali kutenga kiwango kisichozidi asilimia mbili (2%) ya Bajeti ya Serikali kama ruzuku kwa vyama vya siasa. Vyama hupewa wastani wa Shilingi bilioni 20 kila mwaka na kugawana miongoni mwao lakini fedha hizi zilikuwa hazikaguliwi kinyume na Sheria za Fedha.

Baada ya Sheria hiyo kupitishwa na Bunge mwaka 2009, Zitto alisimama kidete kuhakikisha inatekelezwa jambo ambalo lilimletea uhasama mkubwa sana na viongozi wenzake katika chama chake cha zamani akiwa Naibu Katibu Mkuu. Zitto alipigana kwa kushirikiana na Wazalendo wenzake katika Kamati ya Bunge ya PAC na kufanikiwa na hivi sasa vyama vyote vinakaguliwa na kuweka rekodi nyingine katika nchi nyingi za Afrika. Kwa kazi hii iliyotukuka Zitto Kabwe amedhibiti fedha za umma kwa vyama vya siasa na hivi sasa taarifa za mahesabu ya vyama ipo wazi, na tumeona vyama vyote vikiwa na hati chafu, vikiwemo vyama vya upinzani vya zamani. Ni wajibu wa wanachama wa vyama hivyo kuwawajibisha viongozi wao wanaogeuza fedha za ruzuku kuwa ni fedha zao binafsi. Nani anabishia rekodi hiyo ya Kiongozi wetu?



Mwaka 2012 Zitto Kabwe aliweka rekodi nyingine tena akiwa mbunge wa kwanza katika Bunge la 10 kuwasilisha Hoja Binafsi. Aliwasilisha Hoja Binafsini Bungeni akitaka Serikali kufufua Kilimo cha Mkonge kwa kuwanyanganya wawekezaji wakubwa mashamba waliyobinafsishiwa na kuyaacha bila kulimwa na badala yake mashamba yale wapewe wakulima wadogo. Zitto alitaka kubadilisha mfumo wa kulima Mkonge kutoka mashamba makubwa yanayomilikiwa na tajiri mmoja na kulimwa na manamba mamia na kwenda kwenye mfumo ambao wakulima wadogo wadogo wanalima Mkonge na hivyo kushirikisha wananchi wengi zaidi kwenye uchumi wao.

Hoja hiyo ilipingwa na Wabunge kutoka Tanga lakini iliungwa mkono sana na wananchi wa mkoa huo na hivyo kumwona Zitto kama mwakilishi wao licha ya kwamba alikuwa akiwakilisha Jimbo la Kigoma Kaskazini.

Katika Chama chetu ajenda ya kumilikisha Ardhi wananchi ni ajenda kubwa na ACT Wazalendo kimekua chama cha kwanza nchini kutangaza kinagaubaga kuwa kitazuia uporaji wa Ardhi na kumilikisha wananchi ardhi yao wenyewe. Nani anabishia rekodi hiyo?



Kwa muda mrefu sana wadau wa tasnia ya sanaa na burudani nchini walikuwa wanalalamika kazi zao kutokuwa rasmi na hivyo kuibiwa na mchango wao katika uchumi kutotambuliwa. Mwaka 2012 Zitto Kabwe akiwa Waziri Kivuli wa Fedha alifanya kampeni maalumu ya kuhakikisha kuwa wasanii hawanyonywi na kazi zao kutambuliwa rasmi. Aliwasilisha Bungeni mabadiliko ya Sheria ya Ushuru bidhaa ili kutambua rasmi kazi za sanaa na burudani na kuhakikisha kuwa wasanii wanalipwa wanavyostahili katika biashara ya miito ya simu.

Sheria hiyo ilipitishwa na Bunge na Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania ikaanza kutoa stempu rasmi katika CDs za kazi za sanaa ili kudhibiti wazalishaji kuwanyonya wasanii. Katika Taarifa ya Hali ya Uchumi wa Taifa ya mwaka 2015 tasnia ya Sanaa na Burudani imekuwa sekta rasmi ya Uchumi na imeripotiwa kuwa sasa ina thamani ya shilingi 270 bilioni kama mchango wake katika Pato la Taifa. Hivi sasa Wasanii wanafaidika maradufu kwa kazi zao kuuzwa kama miito ya simu na wengine wanapata mamilioni ya shilingi na kuboresha maisha yao kwa jasho lao. Nani anabisha rekodi hii?



Wawekezaji kutoka nje wamekuwa wakiibia nchi yetu kwa kubadilisha badilisha majina ya makampuni yao na kubadili wamiliki bila ya kulipa kodi hapa nchini. Watanzania mnakumbuka jinsi majina ya mahoteli makubwa yalivyokuwa yakibadilishwa. Kwa mfano kutoka Sheraton kwenda Moevenpick na kwenda Serena sasa. Makampuni ya Simu yalivyokuwa yakibadilishwa. Kwa mfano kutoka Mobitel kwenda Buzz kwenda Tigo.

Vile vile kutoka Celtel kwenda Zain na kwenda Airtel. Haya yamekuwa yakitokea kwenye maeneo mengi zaidi ya haya. Yote haya yalitokea bila ya Serikali kupata kodi yeyote. Kwenye mauzo ya Zain kwenda Airtel Serikali ilipoteza dola za Kimarekani 312 milioni ( zaidi ya shilingi bilioni 600 kwa bei za sasa za dola ). Kwa uchungu kwa nchi yake Zitto Kabwe aliwasilisha Bungeni muswada wa sheria wa kurekebisha sheria ya kodi ya Mapato na kuanzisha tena kodi ya ongezeko la mtaji ( Capital Gains Tax ).

Marekebisho hayo yalipitishwa na Bunge kupitia Sheria ya Fedha ya mwaka 2012 na mwaka huo huo Tanzania ilipata mapato ya shilingi bilioni 50 kwa mauzo ya Kampuni ya BP kwenda PUMA. Mwaka 2014 Tanzania ilipata dola za kimarekani 222 milioni ( zaidi ya tshs 450 bilioni )kwa mauzo ya sehemu ya vitalu vya gesi asilia vya kampuni ya Ophir kwenda kampuni ya Pavilion ya Singapore.

Zaidi ya hapo Zitto na wazalendo wenzake katika Kamati ya PAC walitoa maagizo ya kuhakikisha kuwa Misamaha ya kodi yote inakaguliwa na ukaguzi wake kuwekwa wazi ili kudhibiti mianya ya matumizi mabaya ya misamaha hiyo. Kwa mara ya kwanza katika historia ya Tanzania CAG anakagua misahamaha ya kodi na PAC iliweka wazi taarifa ya kwanza ya ukaguzi wa misamaha ya kodi. Nani anabishia rekodi hizi?



Mwaka 2012 mwezi Novemba Zitto Kabwe aliwasilisha Bungeni Hoja Binafsi kuhusu mabilioni ya Uswisi ikiwa na lengo la kutaka uchunguzi ufanyike kuhusu Watanzania wanaoficha fedha nje ya nchi kinyume cha sheria. Bunge lilipitisha hoja hii binafsi na kuitaka Serikali kufanya uchunguzi kuhusu Watanzania wanaotorosha fedha kwenda nje na kuchukua hatua stahiki za kisheria. Tanzania iliingia katika rekodi ya kuwa nchi ya kwanza katika nchi za Jumuiya ya SADC kupitisha Azimio la Bunge kuhusu suala la utoroshaji wa fedha. Licha ya kwamba Serikali haijatoa taarifa yake miaka miwili sasa toka Azimio la Bunge namba 9 la mwaka 2012, na baada ya danadana ya muda mrefu kutoka vyombo vinavyohusika Kiongozi wetu Zitto Kabwe ameamua leo kupasua jipu la hoja hiyo kwa kuweka wazi orodha ya kwanza ya Watanzania 99 wenye akaunti katika Benki ya HSBC ya Uswiss. Uongozi ni umakini, na sio kukurupuka na kujitafutia sifa za harakaharaka. Ilikuwa ni muhimu Ndugu Kabwe kufuata taratibu zote kabla ya kuanika majina hayo hadharani. Sasa leo baada ya kujiridhisha pasipo shaka atayaanika majina hayo hadharani na wale waliokuwa wanambeza kwamba kashindwa wanyamaze milele! Huyo ndio Zitto, mwenye uvumilivu na ujasiri usio kifani. Anatenda anayosema. Nani anabisha rekodi hii?



Katika historia ya Tanzania ni Wabunge wawili tu walioweza kutoa hoja zilizopelekea Mawaziri wengi kuondolewa madarakani kwa mpigo. Ni Zitto Kabwe na Dkt. Harrison Mwakyembe ambaye aliongoza kamati teule ya Bunge iliyochunguza Mkataba wa kampuni feki ya kufua umeme ya Richmond. Hoja hii ilipelekea Waziri Mkuu kuwajibika kwa kujiuzulu na hivyo kumlazimisha Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano kuunda upya Serikali kwa kuteua Waziri Mkuu mwingine.

Zitto ana rekodi ya kipekee. Kwanza mwaka 2012 baada ya Taarifa ya CAG kuonyesha madudu katika matumizi ya fedha za umma, Zitto alikusanya sahihi za wabunge 75 na kuandika hoja ya kutokuwa na imani na Waziri Mkuu. Shinikizo hili lilipelekea Rais kufukuza kazi mawaziri 8 ambao Wizara zao zilitajwa kuwa na mahesabu machafu. Pili mwaka 2013 baada ya Kamati ya Mali Asili na Mazingira kutoa taarifa yake Bungeni kuhusu Operesheni Tokomeza, Zitto alisimama ndani ya Bunge na kubadilisha mjadala kwa kutaka Mawaziri wote ambao watendaji wao walitesa wananchi kuwajibika. Mawaziri 4 waliwajibika.

Tatu, mwaka 2014 katika Taarifa Maalumu ya Kamati ya PAC kuhusu uchotwaji wa fedha katika akaunti ya Escrow ya Benki ya Tanzania, Zitto na wazalendo wenzake wa kamati hiyo walipelekea Mawaziri wawili maarufu kama mawaziri wa Escrow na Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali kuwajibika. Uwajibikaji umekuwa ni ajenda kubwa ya Kiongozi wetu na amekuwa hana aibu hata kwa watu anaowaheshimu na rafiki zake. Alitaka wawajibike huku akiwatazama usoni. Ni Viongozi wachache sana wenye ujasiri wa aina hii. Huyu ndio Kiongozi wa chama chetu cha ACT Wazalendo. Nani anabisha rekodi hii?



Mwaka 2010 chama chake cha zamani waliweka katika Ilani yao ya Uchaguzi kupinga posho kama hatua ya kubana matumizi ya Serikali. Wakakubaliana kuwa wabunge wa chama chao hawatapokea posho ya kukaa (sitting allowance). Hata hivyo, ilipokuja katika utekelezaji wenzake wote wakagwaya na Ndugu Zitto Kabwe ni mbunge pekee aliyepinga posho za vikao na kuzikataa kata kata kwa miaka mitano (5) mfululizo, ambazo ni takribani shilingi milioni 21 kila mwaka. Katika kipindi hicho cha miaka mitano Zitto alikaa kuchukua jumla ya Shilingi Milioni Mia Moja na Tano (105,000,000)!! Kukataa pesa yote hii kwa sababu ya ‘principle’ tu ni jambo nadra sana kutokea katika mazingira yetu. Zitto anatembea maneno yake. Zitto anatenda anayonena. Sasa kwa yote hata kwa nini wasimchukie wenye roho zao za kwa nini?

Ndugu Wananchi,

Huyu ndio Kiongozi wa Chama chetu. Tunachoomba Watanzania mumhukumu Zitto kwa rekodi zake na si kwa propaganda za mahasimu wake.

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Asanteni sana Kigoma Kaskazini-Zitto Kabwe

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Asanteni sana Kigoma Kaskazini


Zitto Kabwe speaking at a rally in Karatu on September 30 2012.

Zitto Kabwe .

Mwanamapinduzi na Rais wa zamani wa Burkina Faso Thomas Sankara alisema kuwa ili kuleta mabadiliko ya kimapinduzi ni lazima kuwa na hali fulani ya uendawazimu. Ila tusiufikirie uendawazimu huu wa kuokota makopo bali ule ukichaa mzuri wa kuamini katika mambo au misingi fulani na kuisimamia kwa dhati pamoja na changamoto nyingi.

Kwa kuamini kwa dhati katika mabadiliko haya na kutaka kuboresha maisha ya wanakigoma, mwaka 2005 nilikuja kwenu kuwaomba ridhaa ya kuwatumikia kama mwakilishi wenu Dodoma. Nikiwa na umri wa miaka 29 tu. Labda ulikuwa ni msukumo wa matumaini yangu makubwa yanayoambatana na ujana yaliyowashawishi, kwani mliniamini na kunipa kazi hiyo ya heshima kubwa ya kuwawakilisha.

Mwaka 2010 mliniamini tena, naamini kutokana na utekelezaji wangu mzuri wa kazi na mafanikio tuliyoyaweza kuyapata katika jimbo letu. Hivyo kwa miaka kumi tumekuwa bega kwa bega katika safari hii ya pamoja ya kujenga na kuiendeleza jimbo letu, na leo nimekuja kuwashukuru kwa fursa mliyonipa kwani safari yetu inafikia mwisho. Fursa mliyonipa ni ya kipekee kwani ilikuwa fursa si tu ya kuwatumikia ninyi bali kulitumikia Taifa langu.

Katika miaka kumi hii kuna mambo makubwa tumeyafanya pamoja na kufanikiwa; na kuna mambo ambayo hatukuweza kuyafanya. Kwa yale ambayo hatukuweza kuyafanya naomba radhi. Kwa yale ambayo tumeweza kuyafanya naomba kuwapongeza sana kwa kufanikisha. Kwani kama Mwalimu Nyerere alivyotuambia kuhusu Uhuru na Maendeleo: “Uongozi ni kuongea na kujadili na wananchi, kuwaelewesha na kuwashawishi. Uongozi ni kufanya kazi pamoja na wananchi na kuonyesha kwa vitendo mnachotaka kufikia. Uongozi ni kuwa mmoja wa wananchi na kutambua kuwa mko sawa…. Wananchi hawawezi kuendelezwa bali wanajiendeleza.” Na ndivyo tulivyofanya kwa miaka kumi, na kwa ushirikiano wenu tumeweza kufanikisha miradi mikubwa katika Jimbo letu.

Mwaka 2005 tulikuwa hatuna barabara ya lami hata moja. Leo hii, ninapoongea nanyi tuna barabara za lami zenye zaidi ya kilomita 100 kuunganisha Jimbo letu na majimbo mengine kwa pande zote za nchi kavu. Vilevile tuna mradi mkubwa wa kuunganisha vijiji vya ufukweni mwa Ziwa Tanganyika kwa barabara. Kiujumla kwa mkoa wa Kigoma tumefanikiwa kumaliza daraja la Malagarasi na hivyo kuunganisha mkoa wetu na mkoa wa Tabora kwa lami jambo ambalo lilikuwa kilio chetu cha muda mrefu sana tokea enzi na enzi. Muhimu zaidi ni kuwa barabara hizi zinatumika na wananchi, wafanyabiashara na wakulima ili kuwasiliana, kufanya biashara na kupanua masoko.

Tumefanikiwa kuongeza huduma ya Nishati ya Umeme kwa kuunganisha vijiji zaidi ya 16 hivi sasa. Changamoto kubwa iliyobakia mkoani kwetu ni uzalishaji mdogo wa umeme na wenye gharama kubwa sana. Suluhisho la kudumu ni kufanikisha mradi wa Malagarasi wenye uwezo wa kuzalisha 44MW ambao utakuwa nafuu na kuwezesha pia kusambaza umeme mikoa jirani ya Katavi na Tabora, na hata kuuza nchi jirani ya Burundi. Viongozi wa kisiasa wa mkoa wa Kigoma watakaoingia kwenye uongozi baada ya uchaguzi mkuu mwezi Oktoba mwaka 2015 hawana budi kuweka kipaumbele kikubwa kwa mradi huu. Bila ya umeme wa uhakika na nafuu hatuwezi kupiga hatua ya kuongeza thamani ya mazao yetu kwa kujenga viwanda vya usindikaji na kuongeza ajira ya vijana wetu.

Tumefanikiwa kuanza miradi ya Bandari na Soko kubwa kijiji cha Kagunga. Lengo likiwa ni kukuza biashara ya bidhaa kati yetu na nchi ya Burundi. Kigoma ni mji wa biashara kiasili na biashara ilichukua nafasi kubwa ya uchumi wa mkoa huu kwa miaka mingi sana. Kuimarishwa kwa miundombinu ya Biashara ni sehemu ya miradi ya kimkakati katika kuuweka mkoa kuchukua nafasi yake ya kiuchumi katika nchi yetu. Katika muktadha huo ndio maana tunaendelea na miradi ya Bandari Kibirizi na Bandari ya Nchi Kavu Katosho. Ndio maana tunaendelea na mradi wa Kituo cha Usafirishaji Mwandiga ( Mwandiga International Transportation Terminal ) na eneo maalumu la kiuchumi Ujiji. Haya yote tuliyaanzisha kwa pamoja nanyi ili kuhakikisha kuwa uchumi wetu unazalisha ajira kwa watu.

Tumefanikiwa kuongeza udahili wa wanafunzi wa sekondari kwa kuwa na shule katika kata na baadhi ya kata tumejenga shule kila kijiji. Hata hivyo, tuna changamoto kubwa sana ya ubora wa elimu katika mkoa wetu. Katika jimbo la Kigoma Kaskazini zaidi ya 90% ya watahiniwa wa Kidato cha Nne wanapata madaraja ya mawili ya chini, wakati ule daraja la nne na daraja la sifuri. Tumeanzisha mradi wa majaribio ya kutoa motisha kwa Walimu ili kuona namna bora zaidi ya kuhakikisha elimu inaboreshwa. Shirika la Twaweza linaendesha mradi mkubwa wa motisha kwa walimu na baada ya mwaka huu tutakuwa tumejifunza njia bora za kuongeza ubora wa elimu kwa watoto wetu. Bila Elimu bora miradi yote niliyoeleza hapo awali haina maana yeyote. Serikali imetoa Sera mpya ya Elimu, ni wajibu wetu kuona namna ya kuitekeleza katika ngazi yetu ili kupata mafanikio. Hata hivyo, uongozi wa kisiasa utakaoingia baada ya uchaguzi mkuu mwaka huu hauna budi kujielekeza vya kutosha katika elimu ya ufundi ili kujenga stadi za kazi kwa vijana waweze kujiajiri na kuajiriwa.

Tumefanikiwa kupanua huduma ya Afya kwa kuboresha Zahanati zetu chache zilizokuwepo na kujenga zahanati kadhaa mpya na miradi ya vituo vya afya vya Mahembe na Nyarubanda. Hata hivyo nasisitiza sana umuhimu wa kinga kuliko tiba kwani gharama za afya zimekuwa kubwa sana. Ndiyo maana tulipojadili hili suala, ilionekana kuwa suluhisho linatakiwa lipatikane kwa kufanya kile ambacho hatujawahi kufanya ili kuleta maendeleo ya kweli. Na mniruhusu hapa kunukuu wosia wa Baba wa Taifa Mwalimu Nyerere, alipotuasi kuwa “Maendeleo ni maendeleo ya watu. Barabara, Majengo, kuongezeka kwa uzalishaji wa mazao na masuala mengi kama haya si maendeleo, bali ni vitendea kazi tu vya maendeleo” Ndiyo maana kulikuwa na umuhimu wa kutafuta njia mpya na mbadala kuboresha maisha ya mwananchi, hususan kwa upande wa afya. Uthibitisho wa ubunifu wetu ni kuwa katika kipindi hiki cha miaka 10 tumefanikiwa kuanzisha hifadhi ya jamii kwa wakulima.

Tulianza na Ushirika wa Wakulima wa Kahawa wa RUMAKU ambapo wananchi walijiunga na NSSF na hivyo kupata mikopo ya muda mfupi, huduma za afya bure na kujiwekea akiba kwa ajili ya mafao ya muda mrefu. Mafanikio makubwa yaliyopatikana yamewezesha wazo hili kusambaa nchi nzima na hivi sasa wakulima wa Korosho, Chai, Pamba, Tumbaku wanafuata nyayo za Wakulima wa Ushirika wa RUMAKU. Hapa Kigoma wazo hili sasa linatekelezwa kwa wavuvi wa mwambao mwa Ziwa Tanganyika. Ndoto yetu ni wananchi zaidi ya theluthi moja kwenye nguvu kazi wawe na Hifadhi ya Jamii. Natoa wito kwa wananchi wengine wenye uwezo wa kuchangia hifadhi ya jamii wajiunge na vikundi vya ushirika na kuchangia ili kufaidika na mafao ya muda mrefu kama pensheni lakini pia yale ya muda mfupi kama bima ya afya, mikopo kupitia SACCOS na mengine yatakayoanzishwa kama bima ya mazao.

Tumefanikiwa kujenga heshima ya watu wa Kigoma hapa nchini. Hivi sasa watu wa Kigoma tunatembea kifua mbele bila woga kuliko hapo awali. Kujiamini na kushiriki kikamilifu katika Ujenzi wa Jamhuri ya Muungano ni wajibu wetu kama raia. Changamoto za kujiona raia wa daraja la pili zimeondoka na zinaendelea kutokomezwa. Juhudi zetu ni silaha kubwa katika kuhakikisha tunakuwa sehemu ya Jamhuri yetu katika kila Nyanja za maisha yetu. Nafurahi kupata fursa ya kushiriki nanyi katika kujenga heshima hiyo ya Mkoa wetu. Nitaendelea kushiriki katika kudumisha heshima hiyo.

Nimejifunza mengi sana katika safari hii ya utumishi kwenu. Kama nilivyosema hapo awali, mliamua kufanya kile kisichozoeleka katika siasa ya nchi yetu kwa kunipa jukumu hili nikiwa kijana mdogo. Naamini kuwa ule ukichaa wangu mzuri wa kusimamia misingi ya kuleta maendeleo kwa wananchi wangu na kuhakikisha huduma muhimu zinawafikia nimezipigania. Na katika safari hii nimejenga marafiki wengi sana na pengine hata maadui ingawa hao ni wachache. Lakini haijalishi kwani mi binafsi sina uhasama na binadamu mwenzangu.

Katika utumishi wangu kwenu, bungeni nimejifunza namna nchi yetu inaendeshwa. Katika kujifunza huko kuna mambo kadhaa nimefanya ya kujivunia na mengine ni makosa. Mliniruhusu kufanya makosa na kuyarekebisha makosa hayo kwa hiyo kukomaa zaidi. Shukrani za dhati ziwaendee wazee wangu ambao mliniongoza mpaka hapa tulipofika na kunishauri hata kunionya pale palipohitajika. Kwa ujumla nimejifunza kuwa mzalendo zaidi kwa nchi yangu na kuwatumikia watu wa nchi hii. Ndio maana hamkunisikia tu kutetea watu wa Kigoma pekee, bali watu maeneo mengine ya nchi yetu na makundi mbalimbali ya kijamii kama Wakulima, Wafanyakazi, Wasanii, Wavuvi, Wana michezo na wana habari.

Katika safari hii ya miaka 10 kuna watu nimewafurahisha na kuna watu nimewaudhi. Kwa wale niliowaudhi ninaomba radhi. Kwa wale niliowafurahisha ninaomba wasiache kuniongoza na kunishauri kila wakati. Haikuwa safari rahisi na sikutegemea iwe rahisi. Kiuhalisia ilikuwa safari ngumu yenye mafunzo makubwa kwangu. Ilikuwa ni safari yangu kama kiongozi na pia safari yangu binafsi ya kupevuka kifikra na kupata mafunzo kuhusu maisha. Ukifika ulikokuwa unakwenda katika safari, unaweza kutathmini mengi kuhusu safari hiyo, lakini mwisho wa siku unatakiwa ujue kama safari hii ilikuwa njema ama la. Ninajivunia safari hii na ninasema kwa dhati kabisa ilikuwa ni safari njema.

Ni wakati sasa wa kutoa nafasi kwa nguvu mpya kuongoza Jimbo letu. Kushika kijiti pale ninapoishia. Kurekebisha pale nilipokosea. Kuimarisha pale nilipofikia.

Sitakuwa mbunge wenu baada ya Uchaguzi Mkuu mwezi Oktoba lakini nitaendelea kutetea maslahi ya Mkoa wa Kigoma na Taifa letu kwa njia nyingine.

Sitaacha ule uendawazimu mzuri aliyoizungumzia Thomas Sankara unaoleta maendeleo ya kimapinduzi. Na misingi ni ileile na maadui ni walewale ambao mwasisi wetu Mwalimu Nyerere aliyokuwa anasema tupambane nao, yaani umaskini, ujinga, maradhi na sasa tumeongeza ufisadi. Kizazi chetu kina jukumu la kipekee kuendeleza mapambano haya na nitaendelea kuhakikisha tunafanya mapinduzi na kuwa na Taifa lenye misingi madhubuti ya uwajibikaji ili kuondoa kila aina ya ufisadi na kutumia rasilimali za nchi kuondoa umasikini, ujinga na maradhi.

Asanteni sana Kigoma Kaskazini!

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#Mirumbani ziarani Kigoma Kaskazini

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