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Call fresh elections in Zanzibar

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Call fresh elections in Zanzibar

Call for fresh elections

Call for fresh elections

ACT Wazalendo is a party that stands firm on democracy and the due process that comes with it, steadfast in ensuring that the voice of the people is heard and adhered too without compromising on the principles of democracy.

What has transpired in Zanzibar has left us both in awe and disgust on how certain individuals can manipulate the system to best suite their crude desire for power. Right after the nullification of the elections in Zanzibar, ACT Wazalendo was firm in its stand that democracy was being toyed with and that the Zanzibari peoples wishes were not respected. It is the party’s firm belief that Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad was the chosen president for the people and by the people.

We raised ten (10) points of caution to President Magufuli; as the custodian of democracy in the United Republic of Tanzania for him to take to task, one of them being the current situation in Zanzibar showing all signs of lacking any democratic decorum. This plea unfortunately fell on deaf ears and the outcome of this negligence was the re-run of the Zanzibar election in March, which to date still bids the question of the legality and mannerism of how it was conducted.

ACT Wazalendo continues its fight for a booming democratic environment in Zanzibar that would foster the growth of new age politicians who are not intimidated by sheer police brutality or the power of the state. With this stand, ACT Wazalendo, has continually denounced the legality of the election in Zanzibar and has chosen not to recognise the current government of Zanzibar in its totality for, if there is ever a doubt that ones rights are infringed the party will not stand by those who infringing the rights of another.

Chaos breeds fear and fear has no part in the struggle to attain justice. Dr. Shein recently has been quoted saying “I am not afraid of Maalim Seif, for he does not have no posses tanks or ammunition”. In hindsight he is right, Maalim Seif does not possess the power and might of the state, after the sabotage that took place in October 2016 he is merely a citizen and former 2nd Vice president of Zanzibar. But let us not forget that he also happens to be the leader of a group of people on the Isles, maybe he does not require military might to be feared all he needs to do is get the attention of his followers. Maybe this was the trigger effect that made the army interrogate the politician when he simply wanted to practice his democratic right to be heard.

ACT Wazalendo cannot condone the words said by Dr. Shein, for one they are beneath him and beneath any self respecting citizen of the United Republic of Tanzania, we were liberated; one half by good diplomacy and the other half by force. It would be wise for Dr. Shein to remember the seat that he is clinging on comes with its own history, and it should be a lesson to him no to mock the people by threatening them with military might, after all the Sultan of Oman, not only had his army but also the backing of the then hegemony United Kingdom, this did not stop those who could not stand injustice to stand up against military might. Words such as those uttered by Dr. Shein only work to remind us that Zanzibar is not a step sibling that we can ignore, that such mishap and insensitivity from a seasoned politician leaves the isle vulnerable to many a thing, we do not want to see our brothers and sisters shed blood…again.

As a party, ACT Wazalendo is fully aware of the hardship that faces the Zanzibar people, the political tension translates to a stagnant economy and a demoralised society. We do understand that there is a need for the people to take control of their state but we firmly believe and have not lost hope that the process be ballot and not bullet. One way of ensuring that the Zanzibari people walk away the winners and not just the politician, is for those who want to serve the people to lower themselves and consider their people first and not self gratification.

If we may, let us restart the clock again for Zanzibar, go to the ballot and ensure that the peoples wishes are respected no matter what the outcome maybe. Some may argue that how can we restart the clock? That at no point in time can a state be without a leader. For this we say, have a transitional government that comprises of members from all political players on the isles, let that government involve people who are respected by all fractions of Zanzibaris.

Possibly the greatest thing for the Zanzibari people  to do is to ignore the blatant attack on their integrity and rights by Dr. Shein, for he may have not known better. Let history be a reminder for him and a point to remember for the people on the isles that throughout oppressors have met an unfavourable outcomes, we do not wish to see the same for Zanzibar no do we wish for their good name to be tarnished.

Zitto Kabwe, MP

Party Leader, ACT Wazalendo

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June 14, 2016 at 11:45 AM

ONE WORD: Uwajibikaji/Accountability

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Nikiwatania wabunge wa CCM kufuatia habari za Mawaziri Nane(8) kuwajibika kwa kujiuzulu nafasi zao

Nikiwatania wabunge wa CCM kufuatia habari za Mawaziri Nane(8) kuwajibika kwa kujiuzulu nafasi zao.
Teasing CCM Mps about news of 8 Ministers resigning on accountability grounds.

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April 22, 2012 at 11:34 AM

TAARIFA KWA VYOMBO VYA HABARI Kampeni ya kupunguza umri wa urais haina uhusiano na mimi kutaka kugombea urais 2015

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Kampeni ya kupunguza umri wa urais haina uhusiano na mimi kutaka kugombea urais 2015

  1. Baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vimehusisha kauli yangu ya kutaka kupunguza umri wa kugombea urais na mimi ‘kuutaka urais’. Mimi nikiwa mwanachama na kiongozi wa chama chama changu cha CHADEMA naelewa na kuziheshimu taratibu na kanuni tulizojiwekea za kuomba nafasi mbalimbali za uongozi, ikiwemo nafasi ya urais. Nafasi ya uongozi ndani ya CHADEMA haiombwi kwenye warsha. Iwapo chama changu, wakati muafaka ukifika na kutokana na matakwa ya jamii, kikiona nipewe jukumu lolote sitasita kutekeleza wajibu huo niwe au nisiwe mgombea.
  2. Kwa hivyo, nilichozungumza jana ni kutoa maoni yangu kwamba muda umefika kwa Taifa letu kupunguza umri wa kugombea urais. Maoni yangu haya yanatokana na ukweli kwamba hakuna sababu zozote za kisayansi zinazomfanya mtu aliye chini ya umri wa miaka 40 akose sifa za kuwa Rais. Msimamo huu nimekuwa nao tangu zamani nikisoma shule na haujawahi kubadilika. Hakuna mahala popote katika maoni yangu niliyotoa jana niliposema kwamba nataka umri wa urais upunguzwe ili nipate fursa ya kugombea nafasi ya urais. Pia siwezi kutaka katiba iandikwe kwa ajili yangu. Vilevile kamwe isionekane kwamba matakwa ya muda mrefu ya vijana ya kutaka umri wa kugombea Urais kupunguzwa yanalenga kunipa fursa mimi kwani mimi ni binaadamu naweza nisiwe na sifa za kuwa Rais lakini kukawa na vijana wengine wengi wenye umri chini ya miaka 40 wenye Uwezo na Uzalendo wa kutosha kushika usukani wa nchi yetu. Ni maoni yangu kwamba tupate mabadiliko ya vizazi katika uongozi wa nchi yetu ili kukabili changamoto za sasa zinazokabili Taifa letu.
  3. Tunapojiandaa kutoa maoni kuhusu Katiba Mpya ni vizuri vyombo vya habari vikajikita kutoa taarifa bila kuweka tafsiri au kuwatafasiria maoni ambayo wananchi na viongozi watakuwa wanayatoa kuhusu maudhui ya Katiba Mpya.

Dar es Salaam

29 Februari 2012

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February 29, 2012 at 1:25 PM

Mahojiano ya Zitto Mlimani Tv(Keki ya Taifa) kuhusu Posho za Wabunge

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Mahojiano MlimaniTV Part 1

Mahojiano MlimaniTV Part 2

Mahojiano MlimaniTV Part 3

Mahojiano MlimaniTV Part 4

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December 17, 2011 at 10:52 AM

Scrap Sitting Allowances, Create Jobs

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By Zitto Kabwe

Our Parliament

For the last two weeks there has been a fierce debate on allowances given to members of parliament fuelled by recent revelations by two leading dailies Mwananchi and The Citizen. The revelations were first denied by the Clerk of the National Assembly but later in a swift move confirmed by the Speaker.

Members of Parliament herein referred as MPs are entitled to various allowances in conducting their affairs. According to the National Assembly administration act these are subsistence allowance, travel allowances, constituency allowance and for those holding parliamentary portfolios a responsibility allowance. Sitting allowance is paid to MPs everyday he or she attends a committee meeting or parliamentary debate. However this allowance is not mentioned in the law. Currently an MP receives TZS 70,000 ($40) a day as sitting allowance.

A member of Parliament in Tanzania receives a monthly salary as a renumeration for the legislative, representative and oversight role he or she does. On top of that he or she is paid for sitting! Sounds ridiculous for sure.

During the 5th session of Parliament which ended in November 2011, MPs lobbied for an increase in allowances claiming that costs of living have skyrocketed. MPs are paid per diem to cover costs of living, but in an interesting move the Parliamentary service commission passed a resolution to increase a sitting allowance to TZS 200,000 ($130) a day.

Sitting allowance doesn’t address the challenge of cost of living, it is subsistence allowance that is pegged to costs of living. I asked one of my colleague who serves in the Parliamenatary Service Commission about this and she said, per diem applies to all civil servants so an increment to it would mean an increment to all civil servants so it must be avoided. And they did avoid and went ahead directing The Clerk to effect new rates. The Clerk refused as the law requires that the President of the United Republic approve the new increment in writing. Hence the divided stand between the Clerk and the Speaker. When the news reached investigative and news hungry editors of the media the difference between them was all out and the public outcry was huge.

The President hasnt approved the new increment so far, some credible sources say that Speaker didn’t even attempt to send the requests to the President. The Parliamentary Service Commission met over the weekend and revoked their proposal. Media has played its role and the public won. A senior parliamentary staff told me the other day, that the whole matter was a hoax. MPs pressured the Speaker to increase allowances and even threatened her that she will be relieved from her post. Speaker in turn pressured the Clerk to pay new rates contrary to the laws and regulations. Public through media pressured both of them and the President did not dare increase the sitting allowances rate. So far the public has won.

Is it a temporary victory? Definitely yes.

The highest prize is scrapping sitting allowances regime altogether. Paying an MP for sitting isn’t justified. The public, NGOs/civil society organisations and the media should campaign towards this to the very end. The allowances culture is killing our Nation as it misdirect public funds from public investments to current spending. It kills our working culture as public office holders keep attending meeting after meeting to earn sitting allowances instead of working.

Our country faces mountain of challenges, it requires us to work and create an enabling environment for economic activities that create jobs, add value to our produce, increase our exports, produce more food and generate more electricity. Otherwise no one will call us a nation.

Scrap sitting allowances, create jobs to the people.

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December 13, 2011 at 3:15 PM

THE BIRTH OF A NEW NATION: THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH SUDAN (Pictures and text courtesy of Freddy Maro-State House)

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The CHADEMA MP,Zitto KABWE congratulates the first South Sudan President General Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba shortly after he was introduced by President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete(in the background).Hon Zitto Kabwe was part of the Tanzanian presidential entourage to the celebrations to mark the birth of the Republic of South Sudan.(Pictures and text courtesy of Freddy Maro-State House)

President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete congratulates the first South Sudan Republic President General Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba yesterday afternoon. Looking on, are the first Lady Mama Salma Kikwete and the Great Lakes Region Secretary General Ambassador Liberata Mulamula (Pictures and text courtesy of Freddy Maro-State House)

The South Sudan President General Salva Kiir Mayardit welcomes to Juba President Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete shortly after he arrived to participate in the celebrations to mark the birth of the new Republic of South Sudan. (Pictures and text courtesy of Freddy Maro-State House)

Press Release ya Bajeti ya Upinzani 2011 #budgettz2011

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June 2, 2011 at 10:14 AM

Zitto ‘amgeuzia kibao’ CAG(Gazeti la Mwananchi)

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Kizitto Noya

WAZIRI Kivuli wa Fedha na Uchumi, Zitto Kabwe ametaka Ofisi ya Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (CAG), ichunguzwe kwa uzembe wa kushindwa kukagua hesabu za ruzuku za vyama vya siasa kwa muda wa miaka mitatu.

Katika taarifa yake kwa vyombo vya habari jana, Kabwe alisema CAG ameshindwa kukagua ruzuku ya Sh83 bilioni iliyotolewa kwa vyama vya siasa nchini tangu mwaka 2005 hadi 2010.

Alisema ingawa kuna tatizo katika Ofisi ya Msajili wa Vyama vya Siasa, CAG hawezi kumtupia mzigo huo pekee yake kwani naye anahusika.

“Nikiwa Waziri Kivuli wa Fedha na Uchumi, ninamwomba CAG afanye audit (ukaguzi) kwa vyama vyote vya siasa kwa miaka mitatu iliyopita sasa na siyo baada ya miezi sita,” alisema Kabwe na kuongeza:

“Ruzuku ya vyama vya siasa ni eneo ambalo huwa haliangaliwi kabisa na fedha nyingi ya walipa kodi inakwenda katika vyama. Kuanzia mwaka 2005 mpaka 2010 jumla ya Sh 83 bilioni zimetolewa kama ruzuku kwa vyama vya siasa,” alisema Kabwe na kuongeza:

“Fedha zote hizi kwa miaka yote hii, hazikuwa zinakaguliwa na Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali, (CAG).”

Kwa mujibu wa Kabwe, ubadhirifu unaoweza kujitokeza kwenye fedha za ruzuku zinazotolewa kwa vyama vya siasa, unatokana pamoja na mambo mengine na CAG kushindwa kukagua ruzuku hizo tangu vyama vianze kuipata mwaka 1996.

“Ndiyo maana kumekuwa na ubadhirifu mwingi wa fedha za ruzuku kwenye vyama takriban vyote hapa nchini,” alisema Zitto.

Alisema mwaka 2008, alipeleka pendekezo la mabadiliko ya Sheria ya Vyama vya Siasa katika Bunge la Novemba kutaka vyama vikaguliwe na CAG.

Alisema pendekezo lake lilisomeka: “Vyama vyote vitakaguliwa na CAG na itakuwa ni jukumu la vyama vya siasa kupeleka taarifa zao kwa CAG kwa mujibu wa sheria.”

“Hivyo tangu mwaka 2008 vyama vinatakiwa vikaguliwe na CAG kwa mahesabu yao lakini mpaka sasa hakuna chama ambacho kimeshakaguliwa,” alisema Zitto na kuongeza:

“CAG mwaka huu amelalama tu kwenye taarifa yake kuwa vyama havikupeleka taarifa zao kwa Msajili. Ametoa miezi sita ili wasahihishe makosa? miezi sita ili watafute nyaraka za kugushi ili kuyaweka mahesabu sawa?” alihoji.
Kabwe alisema kauli ya CAG kwamba hahusiki kuvikagua vyama vya siasa ni kukwepa majukumu kwani sheria ya sasa inamtaka afanye hivyo kwa kuteua wawakilishi.

“Hakuna sababu kwa CAG kutoa miezi sita kwa vyama, bali vyama sasa viheshimu Public Audit Act,(Sheria ya Ukaguzi wa Fedha za Umma), Public Finance Act (Sheria ya Fedha za Umma) and (na) Political Parties Act (Sheria ya Vyama vya Siasa)”

Kwa mujibu wa Kabwe, CAG anapaswa kudai mahesabu kutoka kwa vyama na wala si kusema kuwa hahusiki na watu binasi. “Vyama siyo ‘individuals’, vyama ni taasisi,” alisema.

“Kwa sheria mpya, wakaguzi wa vyama wanapaswa kuteuliwa na CAG na siyo vyama kwenda kuokota wakaguzi na kuweka hesabu zao kama ambavyo imezoeleka,” alisema.

Zitto alisema vyama vya siasa ndivyo vinavyounda Serikali, hivyo iwapo haviheshimu fedha za walipa kodi, Serikali wanazounda haziwezi kuheshimu fedha za walipa kodi.

“Ruzuku iliyotolewa kwa vyama mwaka 2010 ilikuwa ni mara tatu ya Bajeti ya Wizara ya Afrika Mashariki au ni zaidi ya Bajeti ya Wizara ya Viwanda na Biashara. CAG ni lazima afanye kazi yake,” alisema na kuongeza:

“Msajili wa Vyama naye achunguzwe, ofisi yake inafanya kazi kwa mujibu wa sheria, kwa nini hakuwa na taarifa za vyama vya siasa wakati yeye ndiye mwenye jukumu la kusimamia vyama.”
“Iwapo anashindwa kusimamia ruzuku kukaguliwa atawezaje kusimamia matumizi ya fedha kwenye uchaguzi wakati uchaguzi uligubikwa na matumizi ya fedha nyingi za kifisadi,” alidai Zitto.

Ripoti ya CAG iliyoishia Juni 30 mwaka 2010, imeeleza kuwa vyama sita vyenye wawakilishi bungeni vimeshindwa kuonyesha taarifa za matumizi ya ruzuku ya Sh17.14 bilioni.

Vyama hivyo ni CCM, CUF, Chadema, NCCR-Mageuzi, TLP na UDP. Katika hesabu za kawaida kuhusu fedha hizo, chama hicho tawala kimepata mgawo wa Sh12 bilioni kutokana na asilimia 70 ya mgawo.

CUF kinachopata asilimia 20 ya ruzuku kimepata mgawo wa Sh3.43 bilioni, Chadema chenye asilimia nane Sh1.37 bilioni na vyama vitatu vinavyoshikilia asilimia mbili Sh343 milioni.

Akijibu Madai hayo, Utouh alisema: “Sijakwepa majukumu. Fedha zinatoka serikalini, zinakwenda kwa Msajili wa Vyama.”

“Yeye (Msajili), ndiye mwenye kazi ya kuvigawia vyama fedha hiyo na sheria inataka baada ya matumizi, vyama vinapaswa kutengeneza hesabu zake na kuziwakilisha kwa Msajili. Siyo kazi yangu kuvitengenezea mahesabu vyama vya siasa.”

Kuhusu madai ya Zitto kwamba utaratibu huo wa Msajili kukagua vyama uko kwenye sheria ya zamani ambayo Zitto alidai kwamba alishatoa mapendekeza bungeni na kufanyiwa marekebisho, yanayomtaka CAG kuteua wakaguzi wa hesabu za vyama vya siasa, Utouh alisema:

“Mwulize yeye (Zitto) chama chake kilishanipelekea mahesabu ili niyakague kama anajua hivyo ndivyo inavyotakiwa? Tupo hapa kufanya kazi. Hatupo kukwepa majukumu. Mwulize kama hivyo ndivyo sheria inavyotaka Chadema ilishawahi kuniletea mahesabu yake?”

Chanzo: Gazeti la Mwananchi

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Taarifa Kwa Vyombo Vya Habari-stimulus Package Tarehe: Alhamisi Aprili 14, 2011

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Bungeni Jana(Audio): Nasema hatoki mtu!

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Source: Michuzi Blog

Habari zaidi: Haki Ngowi Blog-Vurugu la Leo Bungeni Mjini Dodoma”Hatoki Mtu,Tutatoka Wote

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