Zitto na Demokrasia

Zitto na Demokrasia

Extending Social Security to the excluded: A Personal Tour of Duty

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Written by zittokabwe

October 3, 2013 at 12:51 PM

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  1. Honorable Zitto,

    I commend your efforts of trying to make sure that every citizen is not denied social services due to lack of money. Big up!

    I would however, like to bring to your attention that, much as majority of Tanzanians in the informal sector get sleepless nights when it comes to the issue of health and its availability and affordability, there are other issues which are nightmares as well. NSSF is not the only social security provider. You should explore all the options (as you did for NSSF) and visit/study other Funds as well.

    Take an example of a farmer who prays to see his kid get quality education and hence attain good schooling to enable him to be self-employed leave alone be employed (though the future predicts that employment will soon be overtaken by self employment due to technology). This person’s major worry might not be same as his father’s as his priority might be how to further his education or shelter. How he can be able to save and later built a house for himself and his future family. GEPF provides this kind of a dream.

    I have been a member of GEPF (Voluntary Savings Retirement Scheme – VSRS) since its inception in late 2009. I put TZS 20,000 as savings and to date, I have been able to built my ka-small dream house without taking any loan from anywhere! Their savings plan has enabled me to live a decent life, which for me social security is all about.

    VSRS scheme empowers its member to contribute any amount and at any time; be it daily, weekly or monthly. It does not bind one to contribute the same amount every month. Anyone can be a member, whether employed or self employed and/or those contributing to other social security Funds like NSSF, LAPF, PPF or PSPF.

    Benefits of this voluntary scheme are: Annual interest of 6% (2012/2013) on the deposited amount, Withdrawal of 50% of your savings with interest and one can use part of his/her savings as he/she wishes; No administrative costs; simple to operate (just send your money via M-pesa or Tigo pesa free of charge, Save any amount as you wish and at the time of your convenience and one can save for old age (pension).

    I once saw you registering with GEPF on TV but may be it was one of the strategies to appear in the news limelight. I hope not, and you are my fellow advocator of this Fund as well.


    October 3, 2013 at 1:46 PM

  2. Dear kaka Zitto,

    Thank you for this. I too would commend you for your thinking out the box but, as an economist, would caution – like the previous comment – against spotlighting one institution because, should it fail, then there goes your dreams. We should offer small-holder farmers options and choices and not one-solution-fits-all type of thinking. We have failed them a lot by taking this approach in the past (kila awamu inaleta suluhishi yak: mkombozi wa mkulima ni…). I would also add that NSSF is not without its risks: the more people that join the more risk the organisation takes on which could jeorpadise its ability to meet obligations in the future. As a member of Parliament I am encouraged by your actions in ensuring the sector is dynamic and responsive. I would encourage you to keep looking at sector wide reform to drive efficiencies for these institutions to the point where, instead of members of parliament being advocates, they would go out and reach to farmers because its good for their business. Competition will do this!

    Mwisho, please, Sir can you explain in more detail the difference between NSSF and NHIFi dont understand what you mean by, “NHIF are onconsumption basis while those of SHIB are on saving basis.”

    Nashukuru na Mungu akubariki.


    October 9, 2013 at 1:40 PM

    • You have said it well, Nicholaus. Let us create awareness


      October 10, 2013 at 11:40 AM

  3. […] on that – “ Mkulima Hana Pensheni- Kigoma Wamekataa – Raia Mwema August 2013” and also “ Extending Social Security to the Excluded- My personal tour of duty”. The initiative has worked very well in Kigoma. Farmers who joined are already enjoying the […]

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