Zitto na Demokrasia

Zitto na Demokrasia

End Poverty during our Generation

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I was in Malaysia last week as part of the Mission to learn how Pension funds are involved in power generation. Malaysia is a country with 26 million people. It has installed capacity of 21,000 MW of electricity. Out of this it uses only 15,000 MW.

Tanzania is a country of 42 Million people with installed capacity of 990MW of electricity but able to produce only 600MW. During my stay in Kuala Lumper, the capital of Malaysia i decided to use taxi so that i get information from ‘real’ people rather than the people i meet in meetings with suits and the likes. One taxi driver of around 25 years of age told me that when he was born he grew up in poverty and that most of the development projects i was seeing now have been done within a period of 20 years. He boasts to have been born in poverty and now lives in higher standard of living.

In one of my meetings our delegation met Mukhriz Mahathir, a deputy minister for international trade. He told us that in 1970 56% of Malaysians were living below poverty line and now it is 3% only. Is it miracle? No. Is it rocket science? No. It is about firm leadership. A leadership with vision and able to make decisions.

Tanzania, many people believe, misses this element – LEADERSHIP. Are conditions in Tanzania ripe for a strong leader, a decisive leader? I mean political conditions.


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May 25, 2010 at 7:01 AM

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  1. zitto, thanx for linking to my blog! appriciated!

    pernilla afrika

    May 26, 2010 at 7:36 PM

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