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Books I read in 2013 #letsread

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Some Books  I read in 2013
These are some of the books I read last year. Reduced by almost half from 2012 due to the fact that 2013 was a challenging year for me. I have started a column on Raia Tanzania newspaper every Monday that analyses some of the books I have read. I encourage people to read it and even write on it as guest columnists. So I have done three; One man’s view of the world of Lee, Chimamanda’s Americanah and Nyoka’s A Hill of Fools. Below is my 2013 list.
I start 2014 with In It Together: The inside story of the Coalition Government, M D’ancona and Ghana must go, Taiye Selasi.
Arrow of God, Chinua Achebe
Messi: The inside story of the boy who became a legend,Luca Caioli
Fragile Empire: How Russia fell in and out of love with Vladimir Putin, Ben Judah
The Flame of Freedom, Raila Odinga
The New Digital Age, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen
Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew, Tom Plate
Conversations with Mahathir Mohammad
Ataturk: The rebirth of a nation, Patrick Kinkross
One Man’s View of the World, Lee Kuan Yew
Angela Merkel: A Chancellorship forged in crisis, Crawford Czuczka
Bolivar, Marie Arana
A Hill of Fools, Mtutuzeli Nyoka
Curbing Corruption in Asian Countries: An Impossible Dream, Jon S. T. Quah
Americanah, Chimamanda Adichie

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Why I think my party’s (#CHADEMA) decision is wrong! By Aikande Kwayu

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Why I think my party’s (#CHADEMA) decision is wrong!

By Aikande Kwayu


This entry is objective. It is written after much reflections and thoughts. It is an expression of my reflections. I declare the following:

  • Mr. Zitto Kabwe is my good friend and we are writing a book together.
  • Mr. Freeman Mbowe is my home MP. We come from the same village and are neighbors. We are, in many angles, a family. I also worked very closely with him during the 2010 elections and admired his strengths. Learnt so much from this experience.
  • My father, Mr. Clement Kwayu, is a local councilor with Chadema ticket.
  • I am a loyal member of Chadema. I supported the party since when I could remember. My party card membership is from 2005.
  • I ran for a women special seat MP in 2010.
  • I am now a development and management consultant at BUMACO and a research affiliate of the University of  Oxford, Department of Education. I do not plan to ran for any office in the near future as my focus is on academic research and writing.

In the early hours of Friday 22nd Nov, news broke that Chadema, the main opposition party, has stripped off Zitto Kabwe and Dr. Kitila Mkumbo leadership positions in the party. (For a coherent analysis and events as they unfolded see Mtega’s analysis at http://mtega.com/2013/11/25/ccm-hoyee-zitto-and-chadema-in-a-mess-as-usual-its-all-about-2015/) The former was the Deputy Secretary General of the party and the Deputy Opposition leader in the Parliament, while the latter was the member of the party’s central committee.  Both of them are young, energetic and highly educated people. Their works are known and respected both locally and internationally. For example, both of them have international publications- meaning that they command respect and contribute to the reviewed knowledge. Dr. Mkumbo is a senior lecturer at the University of Dar-es-Salaam and he has published in peer reviewed academic journals. He is an authority in a number of aspects on education psychology. Mr. Kabwe is becoming one of the leading experts in the war against corruption. This is owed to his continuous dangerous and risk fight against corruption in Tanzania. His name appears in the recent best-sellers book on corruption- Global Corruption by Cockcroft.. In the same vein he has been engaged himself in a herculean task of fighting tax injustice and illicit money flow. Of late, Mr. Kabwe was among experts who participated in a Europe fact-finding mission commissioned by a coalition of European NGOs to investigate on illicit money flows. He also invited to present a paper on illicit money flows in the Open Government Partnership (OGP) summit in London 2013.

In the local public sphere, Zitto Kabwe is a development- minded leader. This has led him to look at things from a bipartisan perspective. It is costing him. He is paying a high price for this.   I will talk about his work at domestic level from my various encounters with him. The idea of writing a book with Mr. Kabwe was born out of our discussion of why poverty persists in Tanzania amid a decade long 7% average economic growth. The book has progressed but due to his busy schedule it has been difficult to meet the deadlines. For those who have met him before may testify to the fact that Kabwe discussions and talks revolve around development issues in Tanzania. He speaks about rural poverty and constantly thinking of ways to bring about rural development in Tanzania.  Eradicating the rampant rural poverty in Tanzania is his ultimate wish.

In that respect, Kabwe came up with the idea of extending social security to farmers. Conventionally in Tanzania, social security has only been something for formally employed people, who make an insignificant percentage of Tanzanian population. Most of the productive age in Tanzania are engaged in informal economic activities most of its being self-employed peasantry farming. Kabwe piloted his idea in Kigoma through a cooperative known as Rumako. Him and NSSF raised awareness and enrolled 750 farmers into the scheme. When that worked well and successful, Kabwe thought of the plan to extend this to other regions in the country. He linked my employer company- BUMACO with NSSF – so as we can do the same for farmers in Kilimanjaro. The rationale for working with BUMACO is due to its 30-years track record of working with cooperatives in rural settings. BUMACO has a network of 20 SACCOS in rural Kilimanjaro.  Kabwe ‘s wish is to extend social security to farmers in other regions all over Tanzania.  He keeps saying this is transformational.

Being a member of Chadema I am ever proud of having a party leader such as him. He is always working very hard. This year alone, Kabwe has put so much in his parliamentary committee ( #PAC), and party membership recruitment and public rallies (refer to his 9 days party tour and rallies he did in North-Western Tanzania in September).   He has his weaknesses as any other human being, but the best thing is to capitalize on his strengths so as to counter his weaknesses. Why does the party keep looking for his mistakes?  Why? Is this what politics is all about? Is this the kind of political change we want?

Kabwe has stood up on principles such as refusing to accept sitting allowances as well as standing firm on the parties to be audited. The party, if anything, should have supported these two principles. In fact I think the party should have adopted them in the list of its main agenda. If the party leadership keeps calling for the changes, yet keeping fighting internally with those who are trying to bring real and painful changes, what does it expect the public to think of them?

To cut the long story short, I think the party central committee decision was wrong to strip Kabwe’s  off leadership position based on the following reasons among many others:

  • The timing of the decision is insensitive, and if anything a testimony to the unfounded claims to strip Kabwe off his leadership position. Of late, since Kabwe announced that PAC has ordered political parties’ accounts to be audited, we have been reading defensive reactions and attacks directed to him from the two main political parties in Tanzania. Even if Kabwe did not inform his bosses or rather collogues prior to his announcement (which I think there was no need to since he was acting as a PAC chairman and not party puppet), why was the party so defensive???? What’s the implication of such a reaction with regards to the ‘Mkakati wa Siri’ interpretation? All these are many questions that one has to ask. The events that unfolded before the central committee decision do not add up to the central committee’s ‘excuse’ given for stripping off Kabwe’s leadership position
  • The editor of the ‘Mkakati wa Siri’- Dr Mkumbo declared that Kabwe was not aware of the document. Even the language used in the document refers to him in the ‘third person’ – i.e. he was not part of him.  A credible committee should not use feeble evidence to make such huge judgments.
  • The party’s internal elections have always been dramatic and not to the best of democratic ideals. Personally, I vied for a special seat MP in 2010. To date, I do not understand the process and criteria to which 25 women were nominated to be part of the key branch (the parliament) of our esteemed republic. These women legislate for the country and use millions of tax- man money as salaries and allowances. Thus, I can never trust (100%) the ‘fairness’ of decisions made by the central committee.

Political analysts with interests on Tanzania’s party politics can go on analyzing this drama. Mine is not a political analysis per se, but my honest reflection of the ongoing drama in relations to my experience.

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CAG yet to receive parties audit reports

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CAG yet to receive parties audit reports

Chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC),Mr Zitto Kabwe PHOTO|FILE

In Summary

NCCR-Mageuzi chairman James Mbatia refuted reports that the party has not submitted its audit reports for four consecutive years.

Dar es Salaam. The office of the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) said yesterday it was yet to receive audit reports from any of the nine political parties getting subvention.

The remark is in response to a controversy triggered by remarks of the chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Mr Zitto Kabwe. His committee has since summoned six of the parties to explain why their accounts were yet to be audited.

The response by the deputy CAG, Mr Francis Mwakapalila, is likely to intensify the subvention controversy which has put the political parties and Mr Kabwe in a face-off in the last one week.

Zitto has accused nine political parties with representation in the Parliament of failing to submit their financial accounts to the CAG for auditing. He directed the registrar of political parties to suspend the subsidies of the parties for their failure to comply with the guiding law.

Zitto claimed that the parties had failed to submit audit reports accounting for a total of Sh67.7 billion in the past four years — a requirement made by the Political Parties (Amendment) Act, 2009.

The deputy CAG told The Citizen that the truth about the controversy will be known on Friday at a joint meeting of all the parties.

He, however, clarified that the CAG’s office had allowed parties to seek the services of external auditors. According to Mr Mwakapalila, the CAG can contract qualified firms to audit the political parties.

“Political parties are expected to maintain proper accounts every year and submit their financial reports, audited by the CAG, to the registrar of political parties,” he detailed.

PAC has summoned the parties on Friday to explain why they failed to submit the said reports. “We will know who was right or wrong, I hope the CAG will also be there. Let’s be patient,” he added.

The nine political parties have been insisting that they have submitted their audited accounts to the CAG and accused Mr Kabwe of overstepping his mandate.

Already, the Civic United Front (CUF) said it would not attend the Friday meeting and accused Mr Kabwe of acting beyond his legal powers.

The party’s deputy secretary general (Mainland), Mr Julius Mtatiro, said his party was not on the list of the parties that have not submitted their audit reports.

The ruling CCM has strongly accused the PAC, saying it was aware of the requirements of the law and that the it had has been submitting its audit reports to the CAG.

Its Publicity and Ideology secretary, Mr Nape Nnauye, said the Tanzania Audit Corporation has audited its accounts from 2003/04 to 2010/2011. “We’re waiting for the 2011/2012 audit report which is still with the external auditors,’’ adding that the report would be forwarded with the CAG once it is ready.

NCCR-Mageuzi chairman James Mbatia refuted reports that the party has not submitted its audit reports for four consecutive years.

“Our accounts were audited and we sent reports to the registrar,’’ he said.

He said, however, that the CAG’s office was cash-strapped and unable to oversee the auditing of political parties.

Chadema Information officer, Mr Tumaini Makene, said his party was playing by the rules as far as financial propriety and transparency were concerned. According to Zitto’s committee, CCM has failed to account for Sh50.97 billion, Chadema (Sh9.2 billion), CUF (Sh6.29 billion), NCCR-Mageuzi (Sh677 million), UDP (Sh33 million), TLP (Sh217million), APPT-Maendeleo (Sh11 million), DP (Sh3.3 million) and Chausta (Sh2.4 million).

Meanwhile, two PAC members yesterday defended Mr Kabwe against attacks by political parties allegedly for personalising the subvention issue, saying the matter was owned by the Committee.

They told The Citizen separately that Zitto had full blessings of members of the PAC before he made the statement to the effect that accounts of nine political parties had not been audited for four years.

“That is the position of our committee and not Zitto’s creations as political parties want the public to believe,” said a member of the committee, Mr Abdul Marombwa.

He said they were wondering why the political parties were personalising the issue while the matter surfaced the committee met registrar of political parties, Mr Francis Mutungi, who revealed the information.

“There is no Zitto’s agenda here, we all sat and agreed on the matter,” he said.

Another PAC member who asked not be named said their team was implementing Political Parties (Amendment) Act, 2009, which requires them to submit the parties accounts to the CAG for auditing and forward the audit reports to the registrar.

“The registrar confirmed to us none of the nine parties fulfilled that legal requirement,” he said.

“That was not Zitto’s statement, it was the outcome of the meeting,” he insisted.

Source: THE CITIZEN http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/News/Cag-yet-to-receive-parties-audit-reports/-/1840392/2041932/-/jwtkmj/-/index.html

Siku ya 7 CHADEMA Kanda ya Magharibi- Jimbo la Bukene, wilaya ya Nzega

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Timu ya CHADEMA kanda ya Magharibi ikijumuisha Mwenyekiti wa Kanda Ndg. Mambo na Wenyeviti wa Mikoa 3 ya Kigoma, Tabora na Katavi tumetembelea Jimbo la Bukene, wilaya ya Nzega.
Kama ilivyo kwa mikutano iliyopita tumezungumza umuhimu wa Katiba na mchakato wake kutopendelea chama chochote cha siasa kwani tunaandika katiba ya nchi, umuhimu wa mwafaka wa kitaifa na kuwapongeza viongozi wakuu wa vyama kwa kukubali kufanya mazungumzo ili kupata mwafaka. Pia tuliwaambia wananchi wasikubali mbinu chafu za kutaka kuongeza muda wa Bunge mpaka 2017 kwani itakuwa ni kinyume na katiba yenyewe.
Wananchi wa Bukene ni wakulima wa Pamba na sehemu kidogo Tumbaku. Kioja tulichokikuta Bukene ni wananchi kuuziwa dawa za Pamba feki ambazo haziui wadudu! Wananchi wa vijijini wanafanyiwa kila aina ya dhulma na kukandamizwa.
Pia tulielezwa namna watendaji wa vijiji na kata wanavyonyanyasa raia kwa kujifanya wao wakamataji, waendesha mashtaka na mahakimu. Wanatoza faini wananchi kwa kesi za kubambika. Itabidi tutafute namna ya kuhakikisha hatua zinachukuliwa dhidi ya watendaji wa kata na vijiji wanaokiuka misingi ya utawala bora. Wananchi wa vijijini wana haki ya kuishi kama raia wengine wa Tanzania. Tusiwasahau

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Siku ya sita ya Ziara ya #CHADEMA imetufikisha Jimbo la Tabora Kaskazini

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Siku ya sita ya Ziara ya #CHADEMA imetufikisha Jimbo la Tabora Kaskazini.

Tumefanya mkutano wetu wa mwisho kijijini Mabama. Mkutano mkubwa sana na kuingia wanachama wengi sana. Kilio kikubwa cha wananchi ni Maji na unyonyaji katika zao la Tumbaku. Kuna haja kubwa sana ya kusukuma hifadhi ya jamii kwa wakulima. Tunaweza kukoboa wakulima wengi sana kutoka kwenye unyonyaji.
Ufisadi kwenye ngazi ya kijiji unatisha.

Umewahi kusikia jengo la matofari ya saruji linajengwa kwa tope?

#CHADEMA kanda ya Magharibi leo #Bukene. Kesho 12th Oct #Nzega na keshokutwa 13th #Igunga

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Inyonga, Mpanda Magharibi- Ziara Kanda ya Magharibi

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Jana nimefanya mikutano 6 katika jimbo la Mpanda Magharibi, nimepewa heshima ya utemi wa Ukonongo pale Inyonga, tumezungumza na wananchi wakulima wa tumbaku na madhila yao.

Wananchi wanadhulumiwa kwenye bei ya dola za kimarekani katika kila kilo ya tumbaku ambapo wanapewa bei ya tshs 1400 kwa dola $1 moja! Makato ya pembejeo makubwa na wanashindwa kutoka kwenye umasikini. Tukiwa Sikonge tutatoa kauli kuhusu Wakulima wa Tumbaku na namna ya kuwakomboa.

Tumezugumza umuhimu wa Katiba mpya ya wananchi na namna ya kuepusha mchakato kutekwa na kundi dogo la watu wasiotaka mabadiliko. Tumezungumza kuhusu umuhimu wa mwafaka wa kitaifa katika kuandika katiba ya nchi yetu. Kuweka maslahi ya Taifa mbele ya maslahi ya vyama vya siasa.

Leo tunakwenda Mpanda Magharibi kuanzia Mpanda ndogo mpaka Ikola, Mwambao mwa Ziwa Tanganyika.

Mtemi wa Ukonongo, Inyonga

Mtemi wa Ukonongo, Inyonga



Kulia mwenyekiti wa chadema kanda ya magharibi, kushoto mwenyekiti wa chadema mkoa wa Katavi mara baada ya kutawazwa kuwa Mtemi wa Ukonongo eneo la Inyonga Wilaya ya Mlele mkoa wa Katavi.

IMG-20131005-WA0005 IMG-20131005-WA0006 IMG-20131005-WA0011

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Kamati ya Hesabu za Serikali imekutana na Wizara ya Ardhi kwa madhumuni ya kupitia Hesabu za Wizara kwa mwaka wa fedha unaoishia Juni 2012. Changamoto za Wizara ni nyingi sana na Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali (CAG) amehoji mambo mengi sana na mengi ni wizi, upotevu wa mapato ya Serikali na malalamiko ya wananchi kuhusu ardhi.  CAG alitoa hoja za ukaguzi maeneo ya mapato kutokusanywa, kulimbikizwa na hata kukusanywa bila kuyawasilisha Wizarani.

Katika Mwaka wa Fedha 2011/12 Wizara ilipangiwa kukusanya jumla ya Shilingi bilioni tisini na tisa (99 bilioni) lakini ilikusanya shilingi bilioni ishirini tu (20 bilioni) sawa na asilimia 21 ya makadirio.

CAG pia alihoji masuala ya viwanja vilivyopimwa, kugawiwa watu lakini watu hawakupewa hati ambapo zaidi ya viwanja 7, 342 vilikutwa ni viwanja vyenye shaka. Pia viwanja 160 jijini Dar es Salaam vyenye thamani ya zaidi ya shilingi 555.8 milioni viligundulika ni viwanja ambavyo walijigawiwa maafisa wa Ardhi maana haoakuwa na ushahidi wowote wa mauzo ya viwanja hivyo. Hoja nyingine ni pamoja na ukiukaji wa sheria kwa kujengwa kwenye fukwe nk.

Katika Ripoti ya Hesabu za Serikali Kuu 2011/12 Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi Mkuu wa Hesabu za Serikali alipendekeza kuanzishwa kwa haraka mfumo fungamanifu wa Taarifa za Ardhi, kutunza kumbukumbu kielektroniki na kuunganisha kuanzisha utaratibu wa kwamba wakati wa kusajili hati ya ardhi anayesajili kuwa na namba ya utambulisho wa mlipa kodi (TIN).

Baada ya mjadala wa kina na kushauriana na wakaguzi na wataalamu Kamati ya Hesabu za Serikali iliona kuwa kuna haja kubwa sana ya kufanya mabadiliko makubwa kwenye mfumo mzima wa kutoa hati za kumiliki Ardhi. Hivyo Uamuzi mkubwa tuliochukua ni kuagiza kuwa hati zote za kumiliki ardhi zitolewe upya, ziwe za dijitali na hati ziendane na namba ya Mlipa kodi (TIN).

Kamati imeagiza kuwa  Wizara kutoa majibu ya utekelezaji wa agizo hilo ifikapo Mwezi Januari mwaka 2014. Tunaamini kuwa iwapo hati zote za ardhi zitakuwa za dijitali, tutaondoa kabisa tatizo la hati mbili kwenye kiwanja au shamba moja, itakuwa ni rahisi kwa usimamizi wa ardhi na itaondoa mgogoro mingi ya ardhi hapa nchini. Pia tunadhani pia itakuwa rahisi kujua nani anamiliki ardhi kiasi gani, wapi nk.

Tunaamini kuwa mfumo wa dijitali katika hati za ardhi utaongeza usalama zaidi kwa wamiliki wadogo wa ardhi na kuondokana kabisa au kwa kiasi kikubwa na hati za bandia ambazo zinaumiza zaidi wananchi masikini wanaotapeliwa kila wakati. Ardhi yenye hati za kidijitali na zinazotunzwa kielektroniki zitakuwa na thamani zaidi na zitawezesha mahitaji zaidi ya hati hizo kwa shughuli mbalimbali za wananchi.

Mapato yatokanayo na umiliki yatakusanywa kirahisi sana na kwa kuwa kila hati itakuwa na namba ya utambulisho wa mlipa kodi (TIN)  itakuwa ni njia rahisi ya kuzuia ukwepaji kodi ya ardhi.  Kwa kuwa kamati imeagiza kuanza kutumika kwa risiti za elektroniki kwa malipo ya serikali, tutaweza kupandisha mapato ya Serikali na hasa kwenye halmashauri za wilaya na kuepukana na kodi sumbufu kwa wananchi.

Changamoto kubwa ni kama matajiri wenye ardhi kubwa watakubali mageuzi haya kwani hawapendi ijulikane kiwango cha ardhi wanachomiliki na pia itazuia ukwepaji kodi na kupunguza rushwa kwa watendaji wa Wizara ya Ardhi.

Mfumo huu hata hivyo uwezeshe watu kuweza kutafuta kwenye mtandao hati, iwe rahisi kutafanya utafutaji. Pia mfumo huu unaweza kusaidia sana suala la fidia kwa wananchi wanaohamishwa kupisha uwekezaji mkubwa kama kwenye sekta za madini na gesi asilia. Kwa mfano mwekezaji atapaswa kuhakikisha hati za kijiditali zinapatikana kwa wananchi wanaohamishwa kupisha mradi baada ya maridhiano ya wananchi hao kuhusu kupisha mradi na mahala watakapohamia.

Kuna haja pia hata hati za madini (mining rights) na leseni mbalimbali ziwe za dijitali na kuhusishwa na TIN. Huko ndipo tunapaswa kuelekea.


Zitto Kabwe

MwenyeKiti PAC

Agosti 21, 2013 – Dar es Salaam


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Mada yangu kwenye mafunzo ya Kamati za Mahesabu #PAC #Uwajibikaji #denilataifa #utoroshajiwafedha

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Leo tumeanza Mafunzo ya kamati za Bunge zinazosimamia fedha za Umma na Bajeti (PAC, LAAC, BC) kuhusu Uwajibikaji, Rushwa, Deni la Taifa na Utoroshaji wa fedha (illicit money transfer) hapa Bagamoyo.  Wiki yote hii.

Mada yangu kwenye mafunzo ya Kamati za Mahesabu niliyotoa asubuhi hii.

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